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Video Post : Editing + Design + Effects

Video EditingTitle Safe Media Design is a full-service video post production company providing video editing, motion graphic design and digital visual effects. With over 25 years of post production experience, thousands upon thousands of television commercials, and plenty of awards under our belt, we provide the tools and expertise to get your job done right and done on-time.

Need video or audio production services? We can handle that too.

Media Design : Web + Print + Video

Motion Graphic DesignWe got our start in television and were building great electronic graphics long before the Internet even existed. We now bring that design expertise and marketing savvy to bear on all our design projects. We are please to offer our clients a wide array of design services for a broad array of media, including Search Optimized Web Design and Development, Hosting, eCommerce, eLearning, Illustration, Logo Design, Presentations, Outdoor and of course, Traditional Print Media.

Around here, the one question we constantly have to answer is:

"What does Title Safe mean?"

We got our start designing graphics for television production and we took the term from that industry. Our clients in the production business all knew what title safe meant and hence what we did for a living. For the benefit of everyone else, here's the technical definition:

tit•le safe (tit'l sáf) n.

Broadcast design

a measured zone within the video frame which defines where all graphic treatments should be contained to prevent loss during transmission and reproduction.

In years past, when a video signal was broadcast, the viewers at home only saw a portion of the actual video signal due to the broadcast process and the size of the bezel on their CRT television screens. As a result, television production professionals devised a handy rule of thumb. Any graphics on the screen needed to stay within a specific area inside the frame that could be seen on ALL televisions. That zone was known throughout the biz as "Title Safe." If you superimposed a title within that area, it was safe from compromise and could be seen by the viewer at home.

Although we now do a whole lot more than broadcast design, we believe the name still fits. If you want a design or video post production company that can help your message withstand the rigors of broadcast or Internet clutter, then look no further. Check out our demos. Read what our clients have to say then give us a call. We're ready to go to work for you.